“Just Do It” Parcel Project

After 25 years Wisconsin has one of the best Land Information Programs in the nation, yielding economic benefits and providing citizens better services. But, for all our efforts we essentially have 72 county systems.

To realize the full potential of the Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP), the WLIA Board identified the need to demonstrate the value of a statewide parcel dataset. We believed that in order to be succesful we would need to “Just Do It” and ignore many of common obstacles of a true statewide seamless parcel dataset. Because of this focused approach, “Just Do It” became the phrase project members often repeated and the project was later named “Just Do It” (JDI).

The objective of the JDI project was simply to gather as much parcel data as possible and assemble it into a seamless parcel dataset, stored as a single common database schema, for the purpose of demonstrating the value of statewide data layers. As metioned previously, in order to be succesful we would need to ignore many of common obstacles such as: Data sharing/license agreements, cost of data acquisition and edgematching.

The point of the project was not to solve the obstacles to statewide parcel data but rather to create a demonstration project designed to be an effective tool in the education of top-level administrators and policy makers. It is our belief that without something tangible in the hands of policy makers, WLIP funds will continue to be lapsed, the program will be under constant attack and geospatial data will never meet its potential in Wisconsin.

To be clear, this is ONLY a demonstration project!

Understand that as a pilot project this was set up as a one-time operation and not designed to be THEmodel used for a statewide parcel layer. As such, this website may be taken down without notice.

Statewide Parcel Project Web Map

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