Legislative and membership update, Fall Regional coming soon

Thank you for being a continued member of our organization, we appreciate your support! I thought I would send this quick update on some of our recent activities. (see below)

I also want to congratulate the Waupaca County Land Information department for their recent Esri Special Achievement in GIS Award. Check out the details of their award at http://events.esri.com/uc/2013/sag/list/?fa=Detail&SID=1667.  Best wishes to Ian Grasshoff and the rest of the staff at Waupaca County.

Hope your summer has been enjoyable.

Scott M. Galetka
President, Wisconsin Land Information Association 2013

Legislative Committee – Jon Schwichtenberg

It has been a busy time for legislation, with the Governor proposing several important initiatives including an updated statewide land cover map, a statewide parcel mapping program, and re-purposing the existing $5.00 social security number redaction fee. Since the Governor’s budget was released in February, we have been meeting with legislators, the Governor’s office, state agencies, and many other organizations (including the Land Information Officers Network, Wisconsin Counties Association, Wisconsin Realtors Association, Wisconsin Register of Deeds, County Surveyors Association, Wisconsin Real Property Listers Association, Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors, and many more).

We held a legislative summit in March to discuss what we all want to support, and the stakeholders present came to an agreement to support the proposed legislation. After the summit, several groups individually proposed changes/amendments to the legislation, including: LION’s amendment to get the $100,000 base budgets and $1,000 training grants into statute; ROD’s amendment to keep the redaction funds in counties until January 1, 2015; and the Realtors Association amendment to get more information available electronically through the counties.

Our legislative committee, our lobbyist, and our president (Scott Galetka) worked hard with these groups to ensure that the language would be beneficial to the Wisconsin Land Information Program and WLIA constituents.  We are happy to report the Joint Finance Committee accepted these recommendations, and Governor Walker signed the entire budget into law on June 30th.

What is next? We still have a long road ahead to work with DOA to develop the processes for the grant funding for the statewide parcel mapping program.  DOA procedures and potentially administrative rules need to be put in place to develop and maintain the systems. DOA has stated that they will involve all of the necessary stakeholders in the process to ensure it works for everyone.  We will continue to work with DOA to ensure the process is open and transparent.

The potential for using this funding for statewide initiatives beyond just parcels is there for the future. The initial push will be to complete local layers and bring them together into a statewide system (parcels and related layers). The large amount of funding increases for the program will help to take us into the future as the innovators, we once were. We have the support of the legislators and the governor to move forward, it is up to us to take advantage of that and to do so at every level of government.

Membership Committee – Andy Faust

The Membership Committee will roll out a custom portal for training around the end of September.  Members will be able view WLIA content like slideshows and workshops from past conferences.   Our members will also get discounts for online classes.  Classes will be available in PHP, HTML, Python, MS Office, and more.  This will be a great way to support WLIA and learn at the same time.  Look for more information in the following weeks.  It’s also worth noting that we now have over 800 members!

Education Committee – Barb Gibson

The October 1st and 2nd  WLIA Fall Regional meeting in Eau Claire is fast approaching.    For the latest information on the meeting, visit our Web site at http://www.wlia.org/.  Topics to be covered include:

  • A how to, tips and tricks meeting on different GIS methods and how they can help you!
  • With open source technology, apps, (Droid vs. IOS) and other software out there, what is the best to use?
  • Hardware solutions, Plotters, Paper, GPS & More.
  • A “real – world” project — mechanisms for data transfer.
  • Broadband Initiatives — Can you hear me now?
  • The World Café’ method will also be used to gather solutions in a group setting. See http://www.theworldcafe.com/method.html for more information.

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