We need you for the WLIA annual poster competition!

It is always fun and interesting to see what others have been working on in the past year. The Poster Competition is a great opportunity to share your best work with others who appreciate quality cartography and innovation. Start thinking about what work you can enter in this year’s poster competition. Awards will be presented for the best entrees in each category, Best Student, the People’s Choice, and the President’s Choice.

Categories include: Base Maps, Small Format Map, Thematic Map, Map Poster, Black & White Map, Brochure, Map Book or Atlas, Interactive Web-Based Mapping Site.

1. Base Map: very useful, complete, documented, not flashy map showing your data.

2. Small Format Map: any size B or smaller (17” x 11”); any theme; any scale or extent.

3. Thematic Map: great cartography – design, layout, labeling, annotation, color and appeal for a purpose.

4. Map Poster: informative, eye-catching, colorful, interesting (not just a map; tells a story).

5. Black and White Map: any format and theme, but no hue… a special problem in design.

6. Brochure: any format and theme, used for public information or marketing purposes.

7. Map Book or Atlas: must be a bound and easy to use map series for any theme.

8. Interactive Web-Based Mapping Site — Provide URL (Submissions Due Feb 7th at Midnight for pre-judging)

Please submit your entries now On-Line and fill out all required fields including information about your map. Please take time to pick the appropriate category to submit your map(s).

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