The 27th Annual Conference is Here!

I thought this day would never come but, here I am about an hour away from making the drive down to Madison.

Thank You

So far we have 482 people registered which is excellent! Last time in Madison was 2010 and attendance was 492. I’m confident we will surpass that and perhaps reach 500. Strong registration numbers are a testament to the content quality of the workshops and sessions. I sincerely thank everyone that submitted an abstract this year whether you were selected or not. Choosing abstracts was by far the hardest part of putting the program together. I hope you enjoy the variety and substance of the sessions.

I also want to personally thank Andy Faust for taking on the mammoth task of organizing an excellent array of workshops! Being able to provide low cost training to our members is an important function of the WLIA. That said, it takes willing volunteers to donate their time to develop and present their knowledge. As a gesture of appreciation, the WLIA does offer workshop presenters reimbursement ranging from a free social night to conference registration. Keep that in mind for next year!

What You Need to Know for the Conference!
Mobile Program and Schedule

Aside from a couple changes the conference program will be printed as usual. You will also find a pdf version of it here: 2014 Final Conference Program.

For the smartphone and tablet people out there use this link ( to view the mobile conference.


 Social Media

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We brought the GeoLounge all the way from the ESRI UC!

You’ll find the GeoLounge in Salon F but it will be hard to miss. It will be the room with couches and lava lamps. My hope is that it gives people a nice place to charge phones, network or just plain relax between sessions.

Special Interest Group Meetings (SIGs)

This is the first year having an hour set aside for SIGs. It’s certainly nothing new to host a LION meeting but we also opened rooms for our member organizations and other groups to use however they see fit. This year we the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors took us up on the offer. I hope more groups take us up on the offer next year!

In addition to LION and WSLS, we organized a “Parcel SIG” and an “Open Source SIG”. Frank Conkling, not a stretch to call him the authority on the parcel fabric, will be hosting the Parcel SIG. Micheal Terner from AppGeo will be leading the Open Source SIG.

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