Brown County sponsoring Lean Government training session

Anyone interested in learning more about “Lean Government” is invited to an event sponsored by the Brown County LEAN Steering Committee.

What:  LEAN Fundamentals for Local Government Training Conference

When: Tuesday, March 11, 2014, 8:00 am – 4:45 pm

Where: Brown County Sheriff’s Office, 2684 Development Drive Green Bay, WI 54311

Registration:  $75.  Register online or by mail.

Lean is a collection of principles, methods and tools that improve the speed and efficiency of any process by eliminating waste. Although Lean originated in Toyota’s manufacturing operations – known as the Toyota Production System – the tools have been successfully applied in organizations across all sectors. Brown County government successfully implemented more than 20 business process improvement events in 14 different departments during the first three years of implementation. Please see the Brown County Lean Projects section of the site for a list of achievements.

Lean recognizes that for most processes only 5% of activities add value for the customer, which means that 95% are either necessary non-value adding activities or waste. By clearly defining value for a specific service or product from the customer’s perspective, non-value activities and waste can be targeted for removal. Eliminating waste is the greatest potential source of improvement in process performance and customer service. Once waste has been identified, processes are redesigned to allow service, information or product to flow through the new process without interruption.

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