2014 Annual Conference Keynote Address by Scott J. Resnick (video)

Our 2014 Annual Conference keynote speaker Scott Resnick serves as Madison’s 8th Alderman. One recent accomplishment includes passing the first open data ordinance in Wisconsin (second in the US behind New York). Resnick wrote the legislation for Madison to open up their public data so that data would be available to the public, free to use, reuse and distribute without worrying about copyright or restrictions. The concept expresses that every citizen has a right to data collected by the city. The Open Data Initiative Ordinance will make all current and future public city datasets available via open standard APIs. This will improve government transparency and function, while at the same time unleash valuable city data to developers. “Let’s get as much out there as possible. There are some very talented developers out there that may help us in management of the city and help the public access city services,” Mayor Paul Soglin said.

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