2014 Annual Conference Plenary Address by Paul Braun (video)

When it comes to geospatial data, we all want currency, clarity and content. The emerging small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) market offers a unique ability to meet all of those demands be it on a one time basis or repeated over the course of time. Taking Autism To The Sky (TATTS) was a 6-month project with the stated goal of giving kids with autism a new perspective of the world, from the air, by building and flying a sUAS and making a film of their journey. The TATTS Project is at the intersection of emerging technology, the maker movement and the business needs that many WLIA members are facing. The TATTS team was comprised of eight boys on the autism spectrum ranging in age from 6 to14, several siblings and one parent for each child. This presentation will be a highly interactive showcase of what the kids built, the images and video they collected and the outcomes from the project. It will also offer some thoughts on crowd-sourced fund raising and cost effective approaches to UAS hardware. See firsthand a viable acquisition option for geospatial data that is current, clear and data rich.

Follow the TATTS blog to learn more about Taking Autism To The Sky!

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