Statewide Parcel Map Initiative Progress

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April 2, 2014

Dear Land Information Officers,

I am glad to be writing you today with announcements on the progress at the Department of Administration on the Statewide Parcel Map Initiative. The developments fall into two primary areas: 1) announcement of a project partner in the State Cartographer’s Office, and 2) a reinforced commitment to include county input in the Parcel Initiative planning process.

First, we are pleased to announce that we have finalized an MOU with the State Cartographer’s Office for a 15-month “Version 1 Statewide Parcel Map Database Project,” which will create the first version of a statewide digital parcel map to be made publicly available. With the Version 1 Project we seek to assist counties to meet the requirements of s. 59.72(2)(a) to post certain parcel information online by 2017 in the most efficient and cost effective manner. This project will build upon successful cooperation between DOA and the SCO on the LinkWISCONSIN EBM Parcel Mapping Project and WLIA “Just Do It” parcel team.

The Version 1 Project is just one aspect of the larger Parcel Initiative. We also have a commitment to include you and other stakeholders in the implementation planning process. Initially, we will be soliciting input on the design of the 2014 WLIP county survey, which will also serve as a forum for county input. Additionally, this summer my staff will be traveling to county seats around the state to meet with land information officers and members of county land information councils, to learn more about what your specific needs are and any concerns you may have about the future of the WLIP.

Again, we are committed to including you as we work through the Parcel Initiative. Please remember that it will be a multi-year endeavor with many parts and phases, and we strive to maintain two-way communication with you throughout.

Information about the Parcel Initiative is posted at, including details of the Version 1 Project. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Program Manager Mike Friis (608-267-7982) or Grant Administrator Peter Herreid (608-267-3369).

Ed Eberle, Division Administrator
Division of Intergovernmental Relations


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