Plan to Attend the Spring Regional Meeting

A joint event with the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association (WRDA) could not come at a better time. Significant changes to the Wisconsin Land Information Program and recent announcements of new projects (Statewide Parcel Map Initiative and DOA Repository/Geoportal Project) have created a level of excitement and uncertainty not seen in ages. Partnerships and Parcels recognizes the important role that Registers play, not just with parcels, but all land records modernization. Partnerships are vital to our successes and if not maintained can be the cause of failure. That is why I am asking you to join me in the Wisconsin Dells to make an investment in our longstanding partnership with the WRDA.

Registration Now Open!!!

Wednesday, June 4th

WLIA and WRDA Golf Outing

Join us on the Cold Water Canyon course at Chula Vista for a round of golf.
Time: 3 pm shotgun start
Format: 4 person (2 WLIA & 2 WRDA) scramble.
Cost: $30 per person includes cart

Thursday, June 5th

Starting at 9:00AM

My Beachfront Property is No More – Steve Beida, Mau & Associates
This was a debate (That actually went to a court trial) over the ownership of a piece of water frontage on Bass Lake located in the Town of Townsend, Oconto County, WI.

Creating a Comprehensive Parcel Dataset for ATC’s Service Territory – Nedd Neidemeyer, American Transmission Corp
ATC has transmission lines in 73 counties crossing Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois. We have multiple departments that need to regularly reach out to landowners in these counties. For this reason we have created a GIS layer of the owners within 500feet of our lines. With the help of Stantec a complete refresh of the data is underway. This presentation will cover what we use, who uses it, how we got it and maintain it while talking about the pitfalls along the way.

How Wisconsin REALTORS® See the Impact of the $30 Recording Fee Leading to Modernization Cori Lamont, Director of Regulatory Affairs, WI Realtors Assn.
The 2013-2015 state budget created a path to modernize the Wisconsin Land Information Program by eliminating the sunset date for the $5 social security redaction fee but maintained the $30 fee for recording documents. The permanent increase of the document recording in order to support a statewide digital parcel map and the modernization of Wisconsin’s land records system greatly impacts Wisconsin REALTORS®. This session highlights the importance from the perspective of the REALTORS® to require all 72 counties to have an online system in place by a specific deadline that includes land information and real estate Register of Deeds information and documents. This discussion provides a overview of how REALTORS® have a great appreciation for the uniformity of particular information such as property address; a link to the tax information or inclusion of tax information; acreage; and zoning, including shoreland zoning in a searchable format.

Land Information Councils: How Do They Work? Panel Discussion
The Land Information Council is mandated by State Statute 59.72(3m). Each county has one, but LIC’s vary in effectiveness from county to county. Learn how stakeholders and the public benefit from this group and the processes used to prepare county land records modernization plans as well as budgets, reports, staffing and transparency.

Repository/Geoportal Project Curt Pulford, GIO

Act 20 Requirements and the V1 Statewide Parcel Map Database Project Mike Friis (DOA), Peter Herried(DOA), Howard Veregin(SCO) and Cody See(SCO)
DOA and SCO representatives will outline projects and timelines to comply with the directives of Act 20. Discussion with the general membership.

Friday, June 6th

Starting at 8:30AM

Moving Forward with the Wisconsin Aerial Imagery Business Plan Jim Lacy, State Cartographer’s Office
During this presentation I will describe the recommended components and characteristics of a proposed “hybrid” aerial imagery program model that are based on research we conducted in 2012-2013. I will also outline what needs to happen next in order to turn the “blueprint” outlined in the plan into a real program beginning in 2018.

WISFIRS (Wisconsin Forest Inventory and Reporting System) Ann Schachte & John Wright, DNR
WisFIRS is a multi-year project being developed that will enable foresters to store data collected in the field, plan for and track completed treatments (e.g. timber sales), report accomplishments and calculate the financial aspects of the timber sales, to name a few. This application manages core business functions for public and private forest management in Wisconsin, serving hundreds of DNR staff as well as our partners (county foresters and certified plan writers). Due to the importance of knowing where on the landscape practices are being done, geographical information systems (GIS) is being integrated throughout the system.

Fundamentals of QGIS, a free, open source GIS Christine Koeller, UWSP GIS Center
This presentation will explore the fundamentals of geographic information systems performed in the free GIS platform QGIS. Fundamentals will include importing and overlaying data layers, creating point, line, and polygon data, adding attributes, symbolizing data, creating a map layout, and saving projects. This is a great workshop for users interested in breaking into the world of free, open source GIS. Take your projects wherever you go! A free download is available at

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