Easy Access USGS Map Downloads

I recently had to download USGS Topo maps for another department. Back around 2010, when the maps were redone, I remember starting to download the quads that made up Wood County. For whatever reason I didn’t get very far. It could have been that downloading them was a long process.

Luckily times have changed! If you find yourself in need of USGS Topo maps I’d recommend using the USGS Google Maps Gallery. Search or zoom in to the area you want then click on the green marker at the center of the map quad. Then click on the “Download from USGS” link to start the download of the GeoPDF to your computer. Simple!

Get started by using the embedded map below or the link to the full screen USGS Google Maps Gallery.

4 Comments on “Easy Access USGS Map Downloads

  1. Justin,
    The Google Maps Gallery is a nice application, but appears to only access the 2010 version of the USGS US Topo product. Wisconsin has revised coverage of 2013 US Topo which includes some additional features. And all of the previous editions of USGS topographic maps are also available online. I suggest checking The National Map Viewer (http://nationalmap.gov/viewer.html) or the USGS Map Locator & Download tool at http://store.usgs.gov/ to access all editions of USGS topographic maps. There is more information and additional topics contained in my presentation at the recent WLIA annual conference linked at the top of this page. (And, as I noted at the conference, we realize the GeoPDF format is convenient for some users, but we are working to package the US Topo product in a GIS-ready format in the near future.)