Geospatial Strategy Group Moving Forward

A core Land Information group has been formed which includes WLIA board members Adam Derringer, Eric Damkot, Justin Conner and Martin Goettl. Supporting and helping to staff this WIGICC working group, fits within the mission of WLIA to partner with geospatial stakeholder groups to help shape and mold the future of Wisconsin’s Land Information Program.

Now with Act 20 and the creation of a separate non-lapsable trust fund that is designated as the land information fund along with the recent memorandum of understanding between the Department of Administration and the State Cartographers Office, the promise of a Wisconsin statewide parcel layer is well within reach. Also, the Geographic Information Officer (GIO) has initiated a project that will evaluate potential software solutions and recommend a final product for implementation of a GeoPortal.

While WLIA puts full support behind this working group, we would like to request an outline of specific areas where WLIA can provide support, such as communication resources and document review. We would also like to see specific timelines and documented potential outcomes from this group, this would help insure the Geospatial Strategic Plan is moving forward. We also will be asking for periodic updates from the WLIA members of this group so we can update the general membership on the progress of this critical geospatial planning.

It is WLIA’s understanding that there are two distinct goals of this WIGICC working group:

  1. Definition of a Geospatial Governance Model
  2. Creation of a Prioritized list of Data layers and Geospatial projects

The goals of this WIGICC working group fit the mission of our organization which is “To promote sound policy, community interaction and cooperation”.

Working Group Members:

Adam Derringer(WLIA)
Al Brokmeier (LION)
Beth Pabst (ROD)
Brian Braithwaite (Listers)
Matt Dahlen (Listers)
Cheryl McBride (ROD)
Cori Lamont (Realtors)
Chris Diller (SAGIC)
Eric Damkot (WIGICC/WLIA)
Mike Friis (DOA)
Steve Geiger (Surveyors)
Martin Goettl (WLIA)
Howard Veregin (SCO)
Ian Grasshoff (LION)
Jodi Helgeson (ROD)
Justin Conner (WLIA)
John Laedlein (SAGIC)
Lisa Morrison (SAGIC)
AJ Wortley (SCO)
Marge Geissler (ROD)
Peter Herried (DOA)
Curtis Pulford (DOA)
Davita Veselenak (DOA)
Jon Schwichtenberg (WIGICC)

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