Lunch Hour Reading

Since our emails hit your inbox at noon, I thought I would provide some reading material for your lunch break. I hope you enjoy them and find them as interesting as I did.

The Unlikely History of the Origins of Modern Maps – This is an interesting piece that put together about how GIS began.

Strava Global Heat Map – Strava is a very popular cycling tracking app for Iphone and Android. Most of us have smartphones and use these apps, but have you ever wondered where the data goes? This heatmap plots over 77 million rides and 19 million runs accounting for about 220 billion data points.

Pocket tour guide to the geology of Devil’s Lake State Park—free! – Do you want to know about the rocks and hills that you are looking at in Devil’s Lake State Park? Want to get around in the park using just your iPhone or iPad? Who wouldn’t? GeoHike can be your tour guide to the geology of Devil’s Lake State Park.

Success with open data can be stress-free – I’m a huge proponent of Open Data. Read about the experience Sacramento, California had with the city’s open data portal to give residents, visitors and businesses access to meaningful city data.

I hope you enjoyed them. If you come across something you’d like to share just send it to me!

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