Spring Meeting Recap

Partnerships & Parcels – June 5th and 6th, 2014

Spring 2014 Golf OutingA golf outing on June 4th kicked off this year’s Spring Regional Meeting. It was an enjoyable day on the course thanks to the efforts of Andy Faust (NCWRPC), Sarah Guenther (ROD – Green Lake County) and Ann Barrett. Golf is a great way to socialize with people you may not normally run into. I hope we see more outings in the future.

All presentations that were shared with us can be found using this link – 2014 Spring Regional Presentations Folder. Most presentations were also recorded and will be announced on this website as they become available.

Thursday started with an excellent talk by Steve Beida of Mau and Associates. Many of us edit parcel data day in and day out. We go to great lengths and expense to create the most accurate representation of reality as we can. Hearing a first hand account of the legal battle that took place over a small strip of land gave new perspective on parcel data. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t hold our mapping to high standards, but at the end of the day it may be judge deciding where you draw the line.

Nedd Neidemeyer from American Transmission Corp explained the challenges ATC faced in compiling 73 counties worth of parcel data. My take home point was that it took ATC roughly 400 hours and were charged $6800. Let’s say that ATC staff charged out at $100 per hour, that amounts to $40,000. Adding the cost to purchase data brings the total to nearly $50,000. Yes this is crude math with ballpark estimates but, it demonstrates the value of statewide data. Remember this is just an example of one company. How many other businesses, non-profits, researchers, etc. are duplicating this effort?

I want to thank Cori Lamont, Director of Regulatory Affairs, WI Realtors Association for taking the time to share the vantage point of the Realtors. The Realtors have been a long supporter of land records modernization for obvious reasons. The better we do our job, the better they can perform their job – which leads to WRA supporting our modernization efforts.

After lunch we had a discussion on Land Information Councils. Our hope was that attendees heard and idea or two to take back to their councils. I know I did.

We heard from Curtis Pulford, GIO on the status of the Geoportal Repository Project. Then Mike Friis(WDOA), Peter Herreid (WDOA), Howard Veregin (State Cartographer) and Codie See (SCO) detailed the Statewide Parcel Map Initiative and the next steps in the planning process. I would encourage you to watch for the video recording on this one.

After a terrific boat ride and socializing, we came back bright and early to talk about Moving Forward with the Wisconsin Aerial Imagery Business Plan. Again, I encourage you to read the plan and watch the video when it becomes available. Jim Lacy, State Cartographer’s Office would welcome any comments that you might have.

Ann Schachte and John Wright (WDNR) introduced us to WISFIRS (Wisconsin Forest Inventory and Reporting System). This internet application serves 100’s of foresters managing timber resources statewide.

Christine Koeller, UWSP GIS Center did an excellent job introducing us to QGIS. I have it installed and plan to start playing with it shortly. View her presentation and PowerPoint on the links provided.

Last but not least, members of the WIGICC Elevation Work Group gave their perspectives on data collection, management, distribution and general awareness. As someone who is anxiously awaiting the arrival of LiDAR I look forward to learning from them. To learn more about the WIGICC working group contact Bill Shaw at Milwaukee County.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our Fall Meeting at the Heidel House in Green Lake on October 9th and 10th.

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