Fall Regional videos and presentations available on WLIA site

You are invited to check out the Past Events page on our site for copies of the PowerPoint presentations delivered last week, and a select number of recorded presentations.

For the curious: our first attempt at live streaming worked well for the most part.  Things went well on Thursday afternoon; no major technical glitches.  We lost audio a couple of times due to operator error… me being the operator.  Things didn’t go quite as well Friday morning.  It was great right up until the hotel wireless connection timed out on the laptop we were using to stream to YouTube.  Fortunately the glitch happened a few minutes before the presenter finished, so it wasn’t a complete bust.

My conclusion: the streaming is cool and worked reasonably well, but the variable introduced by hotel internet connections makes live streaming fraught with potential problems.  Based on feedback from viewers who indicated live was nice, but recorded is fine too, we’ll focus our energy on recording presentations and posting in YouTube after the event. Feedback on this? Send me a note anytime.

On behalf of the WLIA A/V Club (a.k.a., the Communications Committee), thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the live streaming!

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