A Geospatial Vision for Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Geospatial Strategy Working Group recently published the first public draft of A Geospatial Vision for Wisconsin(pdf).

This document is a high-level summary of important statewide applications of geospatial data and near-term needs in Wisconsin, as determined by an ad hoc Geospatial Strategy Working Group with membership from many of Wisconsin’s geospatial associations and organizations. The document describes and prioritizes the geospatial datasets and services the state requires. The goal is to assist policy-makers in making informed decisions about geospatial activities.

During subsequent meetings, the Geospatial Strategy Working Group realized the need for this one page condensed version of A Geospatial Vision for Wisconsin(pdf).

Both versions make 3 key assertions.

  1. The Importance of Statewide Geospatial Data Access
    • Access to statewide geospatial data is essential for Wisconsin to move forward with its efforts to streamline governance and grow the state’s economy.
  2. The Need for a Geospatial Council
    • To ensure that WLIP investments are leveraged strategically and for the benefit of all, a council must be established to advise and, in specified circumstances, direct the state’s Geographic Information Officer (GIO). This council’s operations must be open and transparent. It must have equitable representation of stakeholder voices representing data-producing organizations as well as the user communities that will benefit most as the state moves forward with its geospatial initiatives.
  3. Moving Forward Through Engaged Prioritization
    • Geospatial data is developed with the tax dollars of Wisconsin’s citizens. For this reason alone we need to ensure that benefits are shared by everyone, including the public and professional users in government, the private sector, academia, and non-profits.

The Working Group would like feedback on the draft document from the geospatial community. Comments can be directed to Co-Chairs Jon Schwichtenberg (WIGICC Chair) or Justin Conner (WLIA President). You are also encouraged to attend our session at the 2015 Annual Conference on Thursday at 4pm.

2 Comments on “A Geospatial Vision for Wisconsin

  1. Hello Justin, good work on the vision. On behalf of the WSLS I would like to extend our support and assistance in anyway you see fit. Please keep me posted on future meeting dates and times, and give me a call to chat about how we can help future initiatives.
    Jeff DeMuth
    President WSLS