Wisconsin Land Information Council Begins

WLIA Members,

I am happy to let you know the final charter has been approved by the DOA for the Wisconsin Land Information Council (WLIC.)  This is something that many organizations and individuals worked on for several months in cooperation with the DOA.

For those that could not attend the regional meeting in Eagle River, the WLIC will be attached to the Department of Administration (DOA), and will serve in an advisory role to the DOA on matters relating to the Wisconsin Land Information Program. The Council consists of 12 members appointed by the DOA for three-year terms. Membership on the Council

consists of representatives from various sectors that develop or utilize land information records. The state GIO will serve as the non-voting Secretary of the Council.  The Charter can be found here:  http://www.doa.state.wi.us/Documents/DIR/Land_Information/Council/DOA_WLIC_Charter_2015-06-15.pdf

The DOA has put together a form to apply for membership on the council; it can be found here:  http://www.doa.state.wi.us/Documents/DIR/Land_Information/Council/WLIC_Application_FINAL.pdf  Applications will be due to the DOA by August 7.  The first council meeting is tentatively slated to convene during the WLIA Fall Regional Meeting October 29-30 in Oshkosh.

Please watch for updates.  In the meantime, below is the list of seats on the council and the organization slated to put forward the nomination.


WLIC Nomination Submissions

  1. A representative from the relator industry – Wisconsin Realtors Association
  2. A utility industry representative – Wisconsin Utilities Association
  3. A land title or financial lending industry representative – Wisconsin Land Title Association
  4. A licensed professional land surveyor – Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors
  5. A geospatial professional – Wisconsin Land Information Association
  6. A land information officer – Land Information Officers Network
  7. A county surveyor – Wisconsin County Surveyors Association
  8. A register of deeds – Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association
  9. A real property lister – Wisconsin Real Property Listers Association
  10. A public safety or emergency communications representative – Wisconsin Emergency Management Association
  11. A representative of state or federal government active in land information management – State Agency Geographic Information Committee
  12. The state cartographer – State Cartographer

Kind Regards,

Adam Derringer – WLIA President

Eric Damkot – WLIA Legislative Chair

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