Bylaw Amendments Open For 30 Day Review

Most people’s eye’s glaze over by the very mention of the word. I’m sure I lost most of you by including the word bylaws in the title. Never the less, it is an extremely important document that defines purpose, responsibilities, rights, requirements and fundamental rules that govern the association. Bylaws are a legal document protecting the Association in times of conflict. The bylaws of our Association distinguish us from other geospatial/land records conferences and organizations.

The bylaws will be open to review and comment for the next 30 days (December 11th). Email your comments to Once the comment period is up, the Board will review and possibly incorporate any suggestion received. The bylaws will then be sent to the membership for a vote to be adopted.

I will outline a few of the major changes below, but I encourage you to download the pdf and read read them. (Download Proposed Bylaws)

  • Changes to membership types
  • Clarified quorum for conducting business at meetings, annual conference and proxy votes
  • Added an item called Intermediate Action. This basically allows for the Board to conduct email/electronic voting in between planned Board meeting.
  • Added a method to dissolve the association and clarify what to do with assets in that event. Obviously this is something we never hope to deal with, but the association should be protected if it should arise.

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