WLIA considering format change for 2016 Spring Regional

For many years WLIA has followed the same basic formula for our Spring and Fall regional meetings: a day and a half of presentations normally ranging from 15-45 minutes, in a plenary-style format with all attendees in one room throughout the event.  While this format has worked well, we are always evaluating how we can make improvements to our events.

With that in mind, the education committee is considering a format change for the Spring 2016 Regional (location TBD in May or June), and would like your input.   Some ideas floated thus far:

  • Offer a single day of workshops on focused topics.  This could be multiple half-day workshops, one or more all-day workshops, or a combination.
  • A hybrid approach with both workshops and traditional presentations.
  • Focus on longer presentations (mini-workshops?) that dig deeper into topics, but offer two “tracks” throughout the day.
  • Offer remote viewing locations via UW Extension’s distance learning capabilities, or through online Webinar software like WebEx or GoToMeeting.

There are likely many other options we haven’t considered!  Bottom line, we are viewing the Spring 2016 Regional as an experiment that could serve as a model for future regional events. Please send your ideas and comments directly to education@wlia.org by Friday November 20th.

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