Proposed Legislation Would Change State Agency Land Information Plan Requirement

Introduced by Senators Stroebel and Kapenga, SB 570 would eliminate the requirement for certain state agencies to submit Land Information Plans to the Department of Administration. The WLIA is registered with the GAB as neutral on the bill. WLIA provided written testimony to the Senate Committee on Government Operations and Consumer Protection at their 1/19/16 hearing. In its testimony the WLIA acknowledge that, “DOA has seen limited results from its investment of time consolidating land information plans from state agencies.” The WLIA testimony went on to state that, “there has never been a better time to invest more in coordinating geospatial efforts in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin land information community has shown decades of success coordinating efforts locally, regionally, and across the state. The DOA itself has seen excellent results in working with WI counties in the parcel project and coordinating standardized county reports and plans … We believe that similar success can be achieved in coordinating with State agencies … The state land information plans discussed in SB 570 may not be required in their current form for success but perhaps better results may be seen through active communication, coordinated efforts and technology, and shared data and standards.” The WLIA board values coordinated land information efforts and has offered its service as a resource in the future.

2 Comments on “Proposed Legislation Would Change State Agency Land Information Plan Requirement

  1. WLIA Members: When we began our journey now some decades ago the land information community chose to address modernization comprehensively. DOA’s “Larsen” report documented that modernization needed to cut across all public investments. To eliminate formal participation by State Agencies unfortunately suggests that the WLIP is now envisioned as something much more narrow in scope. This was not the intention of its founders nor in the best interests of the WLIA. Please reconsider your reply.

    Ben Niemann

  2. I respectfully disagree with your assertion Ben. A broken state agency reporting system is being taken out of statute, nothing more in my opinion. What formal state agency participation really ever existed, due to how the WLIP has been focused for many years? If you are worried about WLIP scope, which I respect, I’m afraid that proverbial ship has sailed a long time ago.

    I don’t believe this action is the “beginning of the end” (my words, not yours) for cooperation with state agencies. In fact, I’m more optimistic than ever that many GREAT things are finally coming together in our state. Thanks not only to the WLIP, but to smart, hard-working people in RPCs, municipalities, counties, private industry, tribes, state agencies, and many other sectors. *

    Where I do agree with you is we need to take a much more comprehensive and cooperative approach to addressing geospatial infrastructure(s) in our state… exactly as you and your colleagues envisioned many years ago. I’m optimistic for the future, not because state statutes tell us how to behave, but because people truly want to do the right thing!

    * I’m not running for political office, I swear.