Draft 2 WLIP Program Plan: 2016-2020 Released

Draft 2 WLIP Program Plan: 2016-2020  has been Released and public comment period is now open through May 27th.

The Wisconsin Land Information Council (WLIC) met on March 24, 2016 to discuss Draft 1. In response to motions passed at the March 24th meeting, public comments received on Draft 1, and additional research and planning conducted by WLIP staff, DOA made several revisions to the first draft and created a Draft 2.

The key changes are included in Chapter 4:

  • The funding formula was changed to allocate Strategic Initiative grant funds equally across all 72 counties
  • The Strategic Initiative grant priorities and benchmarks were changed, with a refocus on parcels, access to data, and PLSS
  • The sections on  data access were revised 

At this time, any stakeholder group or any person interested in reviewing the plan may do so and send comments to ddittmar@waukeshacounty.gov . Comments are due by May 27th, and will be compiled and discussed at the next WLIC meeting, currently scheduled for June 8th.

All forms of input are welcomed, but please keep the following suggestions in mind as you prepare your comments:

  • The pieces of this document are designed to work together. Reading only selected portions of the document may result in an incomplete understanding.
  • When offering criticisms, it is helpful if you try to also offer detailed, constructive alternatives
  • Please support any alternative proposals with data or research

Please consider being engaged in this process because ithis will assist with Land Information efforts for the entire State moving forward.

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