Adams County RFP – PLSS Corner Coordinates/Maintenance

Adams County
Request for Proposal
PLSS Corner Coordinates/Maintenance

Due By: September 2, 2016 at 4:00 PM

Adams County, Wisconsin is seeking proposals for contracted services of a Professional Land Surveyor licensed in the State of Wisconsin to establish survey grade coordinates and/or maintain PLSS section and quarter section corners as part of the county wide maintenance program and in accordance to the Wisconsin Land Information Program – Statewide Parcel Initiative project. An estimated 134 corners (see Attachment A) have been selected for this RFP with the prospect of an estimated additional 21 corners in Phase 2, 352 corners in Phase 3 and 1585 corners in phase 4 of the project. The only information available being the original government notes, existing tie sheets and previous County Surveyor notes. Adams County is seeking a per corner cost for the scope of services detailed in this request for proposal. All proposers are responsible for researching authoritative information that is necessary to respond to this request for proposal. Additional information on Phase 1 corners is available from the GIS Specialist contact information listed on Page 3.

The complete Request for Proposal can be viewed at the following web address:

All requests for further information should be directed as follows:
Greg Rhinehart, Adams County Surveyor (608-339-3808) –
Jon Galloy, Adams County GIS Specialist/Assistant LIO (608-339-4546) –

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