Workshops Included with WLIA Spring Meeting!

Workshops Included for Spring Regional Meeting Attendees on June 1!
Attendees at the WLIA Spring Regional Meeting on June 1 in Fond Du Lac should also sign up for one of the workshops that is included in the meeting registration. When you register, simply specify which available 3-hour workshop you would like to attend. Workshops will be held at the Holiday Inn in Fond Du Lac from 9 am-12 pm. Space will be limited, so reserve your seat today!

Graphic_2017_OSMOpenStreetMap: A World of Data Workshop
Presenter: Ethan Nelson, University of Wisconsin–Madison
This workshop will provide an overview of the OSM data structure and how to access the data, highlight some of the editing software used to add or modify data in OSM, and provide hands-on experience with a “mapathon” where participants will remotely contribute to a coordinated mapping task. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop and external mouse to participate in mapping.


To the Field, To the Cloud: Mobile Browser Apps for GIS Data Collection and Management using Open Source Web Technologies
Presenter: Ian Hanou, Owner and Director of Business Development, Plan-It Geo, LLC
This mini-workshop is a 3-hour session to learn the basics of cloud-based, browser-based GIS tree inventory collection and data management and a variety of open source geospatial technologies. The session will include relevant examples whether you manage trees, park amenities, public works assets, an HOA, a zoo, or environmental data. This course will begin indoors and introduce attendees to tree inventory and other data collection using GPS vs. GIS methods, online and offline modes, browser and web services technology, and training on data management on desktop, tablet, and smartphone web browsers. The middle portion of the class will be outdoors in a predetermined area where participants will learn to access, navigate, view, edit, add, and manage tree and other data points in a map on the cloud from mobile and tablet devices and see data updates from all participants in real-time. Offline (disconnected) data collection and syncing when on Wi-Fi will be introduced. Attendees are encouraged to bring a web-enabled device or pair up with someone. They will learn how to digitize tree locations to create X/Y coordinates without using GPS, to select a base map tile source with varying leaf-on/leaf-off conditions, and ways to deal with sunlight issues on mobile screens. Finally, the session will conclude indoors where newly collected data from the class will be discussed. Depending on available workshop facility resources, desk and laptops will be used to analyze, query, and export data to create a local copy in Excel and GIS format, and used to create custom data-driven reports and maps. The course will wrap-up with a Q&A discussion and available resources.

Overview of the ArcGIS Platform at 10.5
Presenter: Matt Taraldsen, Solutions Engineer, Esri
This session will cover a conceptual and technical overview of ArcGIS 10.5. Topics to be covered include new server components at 10.5 (GeoEvent Server, GeoAnalytics Server, and Image Server); technical upgrades to increase server performance (the Data Store, tile caching); Portal for ArcGIS collaboration; a demonstration of Insights for ArcGIS; how to effectively leverage ArcGIS Pro 1.4; utilizing field data collection apps (Survey123 and Collector); and an introduction to two new scripting environments to enhance the value of ArcGIS Online: Arcade and Python API for ArcGIS.

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