Did You Know that Marinette County, WI is the Waterfall Capital of the Midwest?

This story map was created by Abby Frank, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and resident of Marinette County, Wisconsin. Marinette County, Wisconsin is known for their many waterfalls and rapids, therefore, the county is often called the “Waterfall Capital of Wisconsin” or the “Waterfall Capital of the Midwest.” Despite living so close to these natural wonders, even Wisconsinites haven’t heard of or visited any of the falls. From rapids to huge 50 ft falls, Marinette County has a variety of falls to see as well as parks to visit (some of which include picnic areas, restrooms, and playgrounds) and trails to hike along. The falls can be found on rivers such as the Thunder, Pike, Pemebonwon, and Menominee Rivers. This story map takes viewers on a journey through four tours, or groupings, of waterfalls throughout Marinette County as well as some extra noteworthy falls. The four tours (Enchanted Trails Tour, Log Jam Legends Tour, Hidden Falls Tour, and Rocky Trails Tour) are categorized by different features of the falls. The Enchanted Trails tour, for example, features falls with lovely bridges that allow visitors to walk right over the falls! The tours are mapped out based on connecting waterways to show their relation to one another; however, if you’re in need of the waterfalls locations and how to get there based on road maps, this story map tells you where you can find that information. Take the Waterfall Capital tour and enjoy the many magnificent waterfalls of Marinette County, Wisconsin.

Story Map Link: Waterfall Capital of the Midwest

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