Students: Join WLIA Free!

Students have always been an important part of the WLIA membership. So, in an effort to afford as many students the opportunity to be part of the WLIA community, this is a reminder that student memberships are now FREE!

If you join, your membership extends to the end of the membership year (March 31st) immediately following your graduation date. This enables you to continue to enjoy the benefits of WLIA, like a reduced Annual Conference rate, after you graduate!

At the time of registration on the WLIA website, you will be asked to enter your expected graduation date. When you are registered your WLIA membership expiration will extend to the end of the membership year immediately following that date.

Take advantage of this student benefit* today! – Sign up to become a member of WLIA

*This benefit extends to any full or part-time student enrolled in a two or four year public or private college, university or technical school, anywhere in the US.

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