Ready to Learn about UAS Challenges and Limitations?

Attend the WLIA Fall Regional Meeting in La Crosse, WI on November 9-10 to learn more about UAS successes and challenges from industry pioneer Peter Menet, Vice President of the UAS Advisory Network and President & CEO of MenetAero.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems: A New Paradigm in Capabilities and Risk

Almost three years ago Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) gained legal authorization for commercial applications in the US. Since then, thousands of companies are realizing first hand that along with the promising capabilities of UAS technology, there are also important limitations to consider. Industry pioneer, Peter Menet will discuss both the successes and challenges he’s experienced working with UAS technology every day for the past three years.

Peter Menet has over 20 years of military service including multiple overseas combat deployments as an Army aviator, logging thousands of hours in both manned and unmanned aircraft including the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter and military grade Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Peter founded Menet Aero, Inc. in 2015 and was one of the first companies approved by the FAA to conduct non-recreational UAS operations. Peter also serves as the Vice President of which is a group that promotes the safe, legal, ethical use of UAS through advocacy, education, and networking.

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