Call for NG911 Applications!

WLIA is seeking an individual interested in serving on the Next Generation 911 Subcommittee. Under Wisconsin Act 59 (2017 Budget Bill), the 911 Subcommittee has been created under the Interoperability Council to advise the Department of Military Affairs (DMA) on the modernization of the state’s 911 system by creating a statewide digital system. The Subcommittee will be made up of 19 members, one of which is a land information professional. WLIA will be putting forth a recommendation to the Governor’s office for an individual for the land information professional seat on the 911 Subcommittee. The Governor will make the final appointment.

NG911 Subcommittee commitment on behalf of WLIA:
• Serve a 2-4 year term (to be determined based on staggered terms of initial members)
• Attend subcommittee meetings and conference calls
• Participate in Subcommittee duties on behalf of land information professionals in WI
• Provide regular updates on Subcommittee activities to the WLIA NG911 Task Force
• Be a member of the WLIA NG911 Task Force
• Take on Subcommittee duties as listed below, with emphasis on promotion, facilitation, and coordination of interoperability of GIS and geospatial data required by the digital system

NG911 Subcommittee duties:
• Advise DMA on the contracts required for the statewide digital system.
• Advise DMA on the statewide efforts, leveraging of existing infrastructure, and industry standards that are necessary to transition to Next Generation 911.
• Make recommendations to DMA regarding federal sources of funding and the sustainable funding streams that are required to enable public safety answering points to purchase and maintain equipment necessary for Next Generation 911.
• If funding is made available for DMA or another state agency to make grants to public safety answering points for training or upgrading facilities or services or for implementing Next Generation 911, advise DMA or other state agency on making the grants, including advising on eligibility criteria for the grants. The criteria shall include basic training and service standards that grant applicants must satisfy.
• Conduct a statewide 911 telecommunications system assessment.
• Develop recommendations for service standards for public safety answering points.
• Promote, facilitate, and coordinate of interoperability across all public safety answering points with respect to telecommunications services and data systems, including geographic information systems.
• Promote, facilitate, and coordinate consolidation of public safety answering point functions where consolidation would provide improved service, increased efficiency, or cost savings.
• Undertake all of its duties in a manner that is competitively and technologically neutral.

If you are interested in serving on the NG911 Subcommittee, send an email to Tony Van Der Wielen with the following two attachments:
1. Document (maximum 1 page) expressing your qualifications, why you are interested, and what makes you the best candidate to serve on the NG911 Subcommittee.
2. Professional Resume

Email applications with all attachments MUST be received no later than 5:00 pm, Thursday, November 2, 2017. The NG911 Task Force will promptly review and rank all applications on November 3rd and vote on the endorsement before the November 8, 2017 deadline. All applicants will be notified of NG911 Task Force’s decision.

Thank you for your consideration in serving on the NG911 Subcommittee!

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