Lake Superior Coastal Mapping Mini Summit A Success

Between September 27-28, 33 geospatial professionals, working mainly within the Western portion of the Lake Superior Basin, gathered at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center to provide updates and collaborate on current and future projects.  The Lake Superior Coastal Mapping Mini Summit was sponsored by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program.  Topics discussed were as diverse as the participants – that included representatives from federal, tribal, state, county, municipal, academic, and consulting backgrounds.  Several recurring themes are summarized in the above word art graphic, but LiDAR was the standout topic for discussion.  Out of that, there is a strong shared desire to standardize and distribute culvert data as well as many common LiDAR derivative datasets, such as DEMs, to reduce duplication of effort while maintaining data/metadata integrity.  There is also a common need to re-collect high resolution elevation data for all the areas impacted by the severe flooding that occurred summer of last year.  Everyone who attended the meeting contributed to discussion, and came away with fresh perspective on how to move forward.  The intention is that there will be more meetings in the future, with greater regularity and possibly reaching a wider demographic, that is more inclusive of managers and other spatial- and technology-related fields throughout the region.

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