Status of Selected Wisconsin Foundational Layers

Over the past several months the WLIA Technical Committee has reviewed and updated the Status of Selected Wisconsin Foundational Layers document. The updated document is a high level summary of the current status of each of the foundational layers in 12 data categories. This is a living document which we intend to update on an annual basis to reflect the changes which are made each year.

The status of Wisconsin foundational layers is directly and indirectly impacted by the work of the geospatial community as well as public policy at all levels of government. It is our intention that this document be a common reference point for both data producers and consumers. It identifies the current status of specific layers as well has how to gain access to the data. It can also aid in discussions with policy makers, legislators, the private sector and the public about the current state of geospatial affairs in Wisconsin. This common reference point is important when discussing how public policy can help to provide the best return on investment for all involved.

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