“Where Literature Meets GIS”

Story Map Picture

What do you do when two of your passions are GIS and writing? Long time WLIA member, Jim Landwehr recently helped answer that question. On January 23rd Jim’s second memoir titled, The Portland House, A 70’s memoir, was published on Electio Publishing. The Portland House takes you into the lives of a widow and her six children as they put down roots in an average Midwestern house in 1970.

To help his readers put a spatial and geographic context to the places described in his book, Jim released the companion, The Portland House – where literature meets GIS story map. He constructed the story map on personal time with a free personal ESRI ArcOnline account to learn more about how story map templates work.

The Portland House, along with Jim’s other books, will be some of many items available at the WLIA Annual Conference silent auction March 7-9. All proceeds from the auction support the Damon Anderson Memorial Scholarship fund. #WLIA2018

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