Annual Conference Highlight: Using Aerial Data to Map Your Assets

If you’re looking to net a greater return on investment from the aerial data you’re collecting, you won’t want to miss this session at the 2018 annual conference: “Using Aerial Data to Map Your Assets.” Presenter Adam Derringer of Ayres Associates will explain the many ways aerial data is collected and help you understand what types of data are appropriate to collect, the accuracy for which it can be collected, and efficient and effective ways of doing so.

Investing in quality orthoimagery and LiDAR data provides critical base layers of information for decisions and discovery in organizations – but what more could be done with them? As people gain access to higher resolution imagery and denser LiDAR data, a more complete picture of communities has been revealed. This presentation will discuss derivatives of these datasets that not only show your administrators a higher ROI but also give you options to access new information without stepping foot in the field.

Watch this video to hear more from Adam on the 30-minute session!

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