Annual Conference Highlight: Cloud-based Hosting of Countywide LiDAR and Imagery Datasets

Making large geospatial datasets publicly available is not as daunting as you might think. In the upcoming session, “Cloud-based Hosting of Countywide LiDAR and Imagery Datasets,” co-presenters Zach Nienow of Ayres Associates and Jason Poser of Buffalo County will share insights on managing large datasets – and getting valuable information into the hands of your stakeholders sooner.

In their March 9 session, Zach and Jason will recount the solution they designed in Buffalo County last year to make 600 gigabytes of data publicly available. The team used Amazon S3 services for storing and hosting the LiDAR data, removing the need for onsite IT management and physical hardware to host it at the county level.

Seeking an open data framework for making large geospatial datasets easily available to the public, Buffalo County found that cloud hosting its data to be the best path forward. This presentation will focus on the simple steps taken to make cloud hosting of LiDAR and imagery a reality. Watch this video to hear more from Zach on the 30-minute session.


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