GIS Supports Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in Blade Runner 2049

The geospatial community earned some bragging rights after the film “Blade Runner 2049” received an Oscar for Best Visual Effects.  Geospatial tools were used to support creating the director’s dystopian vision of the future of Las Vegas.

Framestore, a visual arts studio based in Montréal, Québec, was tasked with creating a futuristic Las Vegas for the year 2049.  In order to design it, geo-graphic artists, “had to fly over the main strip of Vegas on a long sequence shot […] [ESRI] CityEngine seemed to be the best choice to help us generate a modern-day model of Vegas, which was used as the base for the futuristic version.” explains Didier Muanza, lead environment TD for Framestore.

In the real world, these same tools can be used by urban planners, architects, and engineers to effectively project the vision of the future they want to build.  Whether or not artistic polishing is required for the end result, it all starts with a map.

Adapted from “GIS Goes to the Oscars” by Perry A. Trunick in Point of Beginning, May 2018 issue.  URL to full article:

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