The Path of Petroleum Products in Wisconsin

Have you ever wondered about or been curious about the distribution network of petroleum products?  You may say no, but it might be of interest if you realized what could happen in the absence of affordable fuel.  Imagine if you lived through a fuel shortage and gasoline was rationed or worse you could not purchase it at all!  In the 1970’s headline grabbing oil crises resulted in just those circumstances.  The Yom-Kippur War of 1973 and the Iranian Revolution of 1979 both were events that impacted oil supplies globally.  Sometimes events closer to home may affect distribution such as refinery fires or natural disasters.  In Wisconsin we probably don’t concern ourselves with the distribution network of unregulated fuels such as petroleum products because Wisconsin’s Office of Energy Innovation (OEI) works to ensure that there are no shortages.

Megan Levy, the Energy Assurance Coordinator and Local Energy Programs Manager, at the Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation will be presenting at our WLIA Spring Regional Meeting at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, located on beautiful Delavan Lake.  Her presentation entitled Demystifying the Petroleum Distribution System in Wisconsin intends to leave attendees with a greater understanding of the path of petroleum products through the state and the function of the Office of Energy Innovation in ensuring statewide access to fuels.

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