Featured Content from Upcoming Regional Meeting – Survey123! Workshop led by Experienced Users

Helping an organization collect data can be challenging enough, yet alone for a wide variety of topics such as: fire inspections, manhole rehab, public input, disaster recovery, or agriculture assessment.  This is especially true when balancing ease of use, data consistency, security, and geographic locations.  We are fortunate to have David Buehler (City of Marshfield), Adam Dorn (City of Oshkosh), and Dan Senner (Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District) volunteer to share their experiences with ESRI’s Survey123.  David, Adam, and Dan use Survey 123 to assist with a variety of projects for their organizations.  They will be conducting a hands-on workshop at our regional meeting in Delavan on May 31st.


The Survey123 workshop will focus on Survey123 Connect as the interface for designing, building, and deploying functional forms. During the workshop, you will design and build a form from the ground up starting simple and gradually increasing in complexity, and then deploy and try that form out in a variety of connected and disconnected environments. This workshop is designed with beginners in mind, but will cover some advanced topics such as service integration, lookup lists, relevant expressions, and automation techniques. A combination of lecture and hands-on activities will be used.

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