Harness the Power of Member Services on WLIA.ORG

Did You Know …

  • You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like our Facebook Page, or investigate our presence on Linkedin. If you are a user of these social media platforms please feel free to like, re-tweet or share our land information posts with your friends and colleagues!
  • You can view esteemed past award recipients and while you are at it nominate someone to the WLIA Board or for a WLIA Award! A few clicks is all it takes and you may get to see President Damkot bestow an award to one of your deserving colleagues.
  • You can join the Pro-Net Directory and help people with your expertise or seek someone in the know.
  • You can stream past presentations and keynotes on the WLIA YouTube Channel.
  • You can dive deep into our document archive on Google Drive and investigate WLIA’s history, review past meeting presentations and handouts, task force materials and annual reports can be found here as well. Don’t forget to check out map competition submittals for inspiration or pleasure.

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