Register for the Basics of LiDAR Workshop on August 15-16 at UW-Madison

Registration is now open for the Basics of LiDAR workshop, to be held over two full days, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, on August 15-16, 2018, at UW-Madison.

In this workshop, attendees will get hands-on experience manipulating LiDAR data using industry-standard Esri software. Attendees will gain a broad understanding of: raster data; map algebra and raster data processing; raster data structures; raster DEM characteristics including resolution; LiDAR acquisition and data collection concepts; accuracy and error in the context of LiDAR data; limitations of LiDAR; main LiDAR application domains; bare earth applications of LiDAR; terrain analysis; TINs, breaklines and contours; point clouds and LAS files; and visualization options. Attendees will also work with LAS files, using LASD to display data and create raster files and DEMs. Day 2 includes hands-on work creating viewsheds and running hydrological modeling tools.

Day 1 of the workshop will be taught by Joel Nelson, of the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate at the University of Minnesota. Joel has taught similar workshops over the years many times in Minnesota, and has been working with the Wisconsin LiDAR training team since 2017. Day 2 will be taught by Jim Giglierano, Wisconsin’s Geographic Information Officer, as well as Ana Wells at the State Cartographer’s Office.

You can register for the workshop and get more details at:

Source: Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office


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