Waukesha County recognized at ESRI UC

Waukesha County received an ESRI Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) award this year at the software vendor’s annual Users Conference. The SAG awards are presented to 175 out of more than 100,000 ESRI users every year to recognize agencies and businesses that are solving business needs in innovative ways using the ArcGIS software and platform. Waukesha County’s work on migrating their technology stack to Amazon’s AWS, as well as moving their parcel data into the Local Government Parcel Fabric and launching an ArcGIS Enterprise on-premise portal were key factors in the selection process.

The SAG Awards are chosen by ESRI president, Jack Dangermond based on recommendations from vertical industry managers. After a speech from Dangermond to the award recipients, Jim Landwehr and Kim Meinert received the award from him on Wednesday July 11th as part of the ceremony. (Other key staff not pictured include: Perry Lindquist- Manager, Chris Dickerson – Analyst, Don Dittmar-retired 1/18 and Bill Cozzens – resigned 3/18). This was a repeat appearance for Waukesha County having received the award in 2004. A short video of the photo session with Dangermond is below. For more details, visit the ESRI SAG awards page.

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