WLIA Supports DPI’s Work to Create a Statewide School District Layer

The WLIA Board recently went on record supporting DPI’s efforts to create the first-ever accurate statewide school district boundary map layer and encouraged DPI to establish a regular collection cycle of county school district data to keep that layer current. Reasons cited in the letter sent to the Division of Library and Technology included:

  • Benefits to local school districts
  • The importance of accurate school district data for elections and redistricting
  • The Importance of school district data in fair and accurate assessment and taxation

School districts have long been part of the ‘Election and Administrative Boundary System’ foundational element and the creation of statewide layers consistent with WLIA’s legislative priorities adopted in 2016. The board is encouraged by DPI’s recent progress and excited that, with continued support and participation, an accurate statewide school district map layer is within reach!

View the letter sent to DPI

Please reach out by e-mail or phone, 262-306-2218, if you have questions or concerns.

Eric Damkot
WLIA President

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