Deep dive into Next Generation 9-1-1 planned for upcoming regional meeting

Many of us have heard a lot about the importance of GIS in “Next Generation” 9-1-1 systems.  But what does that really mean?  Exactly *how* does GIS support NG 9-1-1, and what can we as GIS professionals do to get ready for the upcoming NG 9-1-1 implementation in Wisconsin?  We aim to answer those questions and more at the Fall 2018 WLIA Regional Meeting happening in Sturgeon Bay on October 11th and 12th.

Chris Diller from the WI Department of Military Affairs will update us on Wisconsin’s efforts to implement NG 9-1-1.  Chris will talk about the components that go into planning for and building statewide data sets in support of Next Generation 9-1-1.

Minnesota GIO Dan Ross will discuss the “Minnesota experience” with NG 9-1-1 and what they’ve learned so far.  Dan’s presentation will identify challenges and how they have chosen to deal with them in building out the geospatial foundation needed for implementation going forward.

Finally, we are thrilled to have Sandi Stroud with Michael Baker International (and a brand-new Wisconsin resident!) describe her observations gained from working on NG 9-1-1 implementations throughout the U.S.  Sandi’s presentation will discuss what role GIS data plays in the ESInet, what the requirements are, dispel the myth that you only need to achieve 98% synchronization of your GIS data and begin to break the process down into manageable steps

We hope you can join us October 11th and 12th in Sturgeon Bay!  Check out the links below to learn more about what we have planned.

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