Award for Narcan Mapping Project in West Allis

Pat Walker (WLIA board member and GIS Supervisor with the City of West Allis) was recently recognized for outstanding work with the West Allis Fire Department, working to raise awareness of the opioid epidemic in Southeast Wisconsin. The City of West Allis received a Government-to-Government Experience Award by the Center for Digital Government!

The West Allis Fire Department needed a way to visualize where Naloxone (Narcan) doses were being administered on EMS calls to overdosed individuals. By using GIS to map and display the approximate locations on a publicly-available map, they are able to see trends, patterns and hot spots where they have responded to overdose calls and administered Narcan.

Congratulations to the City of West Allis! The top government jurisdictions, agencies and departments will be honored at an awards event Sept. 28 in Austin, Texas. To view the full list of recognized entities: Government Experience Awards 2018

Sources: WI State Cartographer’s Office and City of West Allis

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