There’s Still Time to Complete the Survey about Address Point and Road Centerline Data Standards

Complete the survey now to make your voice heard about the proposed address point and road centerline data standards.

Survey Deadline: October 19th 2018

The WLIA Technical Committee is working toward the development of Address Point And Road Centerline Data Standards. The goal is to create a common data exchange format, and ultimately statewide layers, that can feed into many applications that require address data. There is no intent to mandate the format in which data custodians are to maintain their data.

Please take a look at the proposed data standards linked below:

NextGen911 (NG911) is expected to be one of the applications supported with the proposed data standard. The following simple comparison tables are intended to show how other requirements, such as NG911 via the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) standard, fit within the proposed data standard. In other words, the proposed standard would be used to translate address information into other data standards such as the NENA standard.

For more details about the proposed data standards please read our white paper.

Address Point & Street Centerline Data Standard Proposal White Paper

If you have a vested interest in these specific layers, want to provide feedback, or confirm that the data would meet your own business needs, please complete the survey.

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