A Focus on the Events Menu at WLIA.ORG

Did you know that you can find all the following within the Events menu at WLIA.ORG?

Past Events including presentations and map submissions from past meetings, Future Events so you know where you may be going and where you may be staying, there is even a Geospatial Events Calendar that also includes non-WLIA events.

Keep the Past Events menu at WLIA.ORG in mind if you:

…are trying to determine how much mileage to budget for when travelling to future meetings. The hotel or resort’s address will likely be found on the link to the location accommodations.  While you are there check out their amenities.

…want to find out who gave a presentation or perhaps even contact them to ask a follow up question. You may find their presentation with their contact information or perhaps the answer or knowledge you seek.

…gave a presentation and wanted to show a slide or information from it to a colleague.  It can be quickly pulled up online.

…want to find inspiration or are planning on a submission in the map and poster competition.  Has someone already done a poster on cryptozoology?

…want to see a presentation that you missed because you could not be in two places at once during the Annual Meeting.  Make better use of your time while you wait your turn at the DMV or the dentist’s office or perhaps just make the time because our members give intriguing and thought-provoking presentations.

There is a lot of information to be found throughout WLIA.ORG and I encourage you to peruse the site and find what you are looking for and more.


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