Student & Educator Submissions Encouraged in WLIA Map Contest

Impacts & Near-Misses, Katie Ginther, 2013

Students and educators, take notice! Whether you are just returning to campus or have a little more time before spring semester, consider showing off a research project or your mapping creativity by entering the WLIA’s Annual Map Contest.  Did you create a poster in fall semester course and want to reach an audience of professionals in the geospatial industry?  Perhaps you need an outlet for a geographic side-project.  This is an opportunity to revisit and revamp previous work or create something entirely new and unique to your interests.

Assessing Wisconsin Honey Bee Health, Ellen Sorenson and Dr. Joe Hupy, 2013

With several contest categories to choose from, previous student submissions have ranged from highly technical to graphic and visually compelling.  Can’t choose just one project?  Challenge yourself to multiple entries and join us in having fun with maps!  Group submissions and collaborations are also welcome!


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