WLIA Silent Auction Raises over $4000 for Scholarships

The 2019 WLIA Foundation silent auction was a success again this year. Through the bidding of conference attendees, the auction brought in $4,066.00. That is an increase of over $700 from last year’s auction!

When combined with the two 50/50 raffle totals of $443 and $261, the total climbs to $4,770.00, which is pretty amazing.

This success is directly attributable to the donations given by our generous vendors and sponsors from all around the state and surrounding area. They help make the Foundation strong and gives WLIA the opportunity to award scholarships to qualified higher education students pursuing degrees in GIS, geography and geospatial studies. So, thank you donors!

But the auction also happens only with the help of a great team. It was with the help of people like, Kim Christman, Kelly Felton, Paula Cummings, Tony Van Der Wielen Jodi Helgeson, Peter Strand, Martin Goettl, the student volunteers and the fabulous team of Kim, Cindy and Beth under the direction of Ann Barrett. You folks make it look easy.

And, finally, I want to thank those individuals who I called upon to help sell raffle tickets during the 50/50. So much of what makes WLIA succeed is the selflessness of volunteers, some of who were “volunteered” on-the-fly. Thank you all!

If anyone is interested in helping with the silent auction next year, please contact Jim Landwehr or Ann Barrett.

“It’s For The Kids!”

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