Damage Prevention in Wisconsin

You may ask damage prevention to what? In this case we are talking about damages to utilities as well as financial and personal damages to those who don’t take care to prevent them. At the WLIA Spring Regional Meeting a presentation, Damage Prevention in Wisconsin, will be hosted by Jim Aron, GIS Manager at Diggers Hotline, and Justin Larson, Damage Prevention Supervisor with Xcel Energy. Together they will explain the damage prevention process and what happens before, during and after someone files a locate request. Jim will give a brief history of Diggers Hotline, how it’s structured and its responsibilities. Jim will also bring attendees up to speed on the new software and the important role land information in Wisconsin has in the process. Justin has years of experience with Xcel Energy as an excavator and as a locator and his knowledge of what happens in the field is vast and invaluable. Justin will draw on this experience and knowledge base covering several states, all of which have different rules and regulations. Curious attendees can ask questions to learn more about what happens behind the scenes.

The WLIA Spring Regional Meeting will be taking place in downtown Eau Claire, WI on May 30th and May 31st, 2019 at The Lismore and Registration is open now.

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