Learn about the legal implications of historical railroads and modern land rights at the WLIA Spring Regional Meeting

Has your county or area of expertise encountered legal questions or even conflicts over unused railroad grades and corridors? Railroads built in previous centuries not only impacted the physical landscape and continue to do so, but they also came with federal laws to ensure their use and proprietary control of them that continue to impact title claims to this day. Due to the inherent complexity of the situation, conflicts inevitably arise and there are legal experts who specialize in real estate law and legal relics of the past that continue to affect our land today.

Attend the afternoon session on the first day of the WLIA/WRPLA joint Spring Regional Meeting at the Lismore Hotel in Eau Claire May 30-31 to learn more from Milwaukee attorney William Stuart who is presenting on Historical Development of Railroads.

Meeting details here: https://www.wlia.org/spring-regional-meeting/

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