WLIA Board Votes to Support Bills. Legislative Bill Tracker Now Available.

During our recent WLIA Board Meeting the Legislative Committee brought two pieces of legislation forward for board consideration. The WLIA Board voted to support each of the bills. As of July 17, 2019 we have registered our support with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission.

The first of the two bills, Assembly Bill 293 / Senate Bill 317, is in regards to carrying out notarial duties. Should this bill become law it would allow for an additional optional commission to be obtained by a Notary Public in order to perform duties online when not in the same physical location as their patrons.

The second of the two bills, Assembly Bill 327 / Senate Bill 318, deals with the elimination of the requirement to submit a certified copy of a decedent’s death record to the register of deeds when recording documents. If this bill becomes law individuals would no longer need to present this record to the Register of Deeds Office when recording a Termination of Decedent’s Interest. The individual whom signs the document will be attesting to the truth of the claims and date of death, eliminating the Register of Deeds need to sign off that they physically viewed the copy of the death record.

We would like to take this opportunity to indicate that you can keep track of the legislative interests of the WLIA. We have added a Legislative Bill Tracker to our Legislative Committee Page which indicates which bills our committee is actively tracking. This tracker can be found below the link to our Legislative Whitepapers on the Legislative Committee Page.

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