Members on the Move: Christine Koeller

We have had a number of members of our association change places of employment over the Spring and Summer months and I caught up with a few of them. Christine Koeller is the first person I am shining the spotlight on.

What is your new role and place of employment?

I am a GIS Project Leader at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation in the Bureau of Information Technology Services (BITS).

What is your favorite or most exciting thing about your new position?

I’m very excited to be a part of planning the future GIS enterprise infrastructure and services at WisDOT. Our planned improvements will better serve our internal users, external partners, and the public which is rewarding work.    

Also, this is my first time working in IT and I’ve really enjoyed learning more about GIS Enterprise administration and licensing as well as project management methodologies.

Formerly, I worked for the state as an educator at UW-Stevens Point and enjoyed the public service work. I’m thankful to continue in public service at WisDOT.

Did you move when you took your new position?

My family relocated to the Madison area after the school year and we are enjoying learning our new city and soaking up the local culture. We are all excited about the opportunities Madison has to offer; there is truly something for everyone.   

Anything else you are interested in reporting on work or personally?

Transitioning to a new job mid-career is very rewarding but can also be stressful and filled with uncertainty. It is important to have professional mentors and support from friends and family to help with the transition. Having a thorough transition plan mitigated some stress and eliminated some uncertainties. I was able to find a mentor at WisDOT soon after I started, and I continue to gather advice from all my new team members.

It is also important to transition out of your place of employment thoughtfully and professionally. I had wonderful support from my former colleagues at UW-Stevens Point and I am thankful to continue our professional and personal relationships today.     

Christine Koeller

Christine offered some great advice about career navigation. I thank her for taking the time to answer a few questions and provide us with an update. She is a WLIA Board of Directors alum who served recently from 2016-2018 and remains a valued member of the Technical and Membership & Outreach committees respectively.

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