Members on the Move: Adam Dorn

We have had a number of members of our association change places of employment over the Spring and Summer months. This time I caught up with Adam Dorn.

What is your new role and place of employment?

I am the GIS Administrator for Winnebago County.

What is your favorite or most exciting thing about your new position?

I am excited to be in a new role with new responsibilities. I am also looking forward to being able to continue working with professionals that I have gotten to know in my previous positions and to be working in a strong team that focuses on GIS.  Having an office with a door also makes participating in conference calls much easier.

Did you end up with a new commute? If so what are the pros/cons related to that?

I am fortunate that my new office is only a few blocks away from my old office where I worked for the City of Oshkosh.  It is exciting to have the opportunity to serve my community in a new way. My commute is only about a minute longer.

Anything else you are interested in reporting on work or personally?

In July I was able to attend the ESRI UC for the first time.  The technical sessions, special interest groups and management workshops all lived up to my expectations.  I will be using the things I learned for a long time.  I was also glad there were no earthquakes while I was out there.

Adam Dorn

Adam certainly drives home the point that conferences provide a professional opportunity for growth. I thank him for taking the time to answer a few questions and provide us with an update. He is a WLIA Board of Directors alum having just completed his 2017-2019 term and remains a valued member of the Technical and Education Committees respectively.

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