WLIA’s Tech Committee Rolls out Newly Ratified Data Standards

In an effort to ensure the continuity and accuracy of WLIA’s data standards, and maintain its relevancy to changing requirements, the WLIA Technical Committee has enacted a yearly review and revision procedure in a Data Standards Revision Document Data Standards Revision Document . The document establishes that the chair must form a “Data Standards Revision Subcommittee” composed of representatives from all levels of government, and respond to every valid submitted revision it receives. The subcommittee has summarized the work for 2019 in the following document: WLIA Data Standards Revisions Summary 2019.

The data standards that resulted from the 2019 revision process were recently approved by the WLIA Technical Committee and the Board of Directors. A significant portion of the revisions/comments received regarded documentation enhancement. The Technical Committee has established the “WLIA Data Standard Documentation Workgroup” to continue the build out of the documentation. We expect the work to be completed ahead of the 2020 Annual Conference in Middleton. The 2019 data standards and preliminary documentation are available here:

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